Demands placed on the electrical grid are numerous and complex. Add to that unpredictable and often severe weather, and electrical service can take a hit.

You can turn to POWER to harden your infrastructure, making it less prone to damage from extreme wind, ice, flooding, storms, earthquakes, floods, wildfires or other hazards. We also can help you enhance resiliency, decreasing the time spent recovering from a such events.

Physical attacks, cyberattacks and criminal activity directed at electric infrastructure can cause consequential damage and have long lasting effects. We apply sound system engineering and design to give you a successful strategic approach to security.

Protecting your system a involves deploying layers of safeguards. No single device, software application or process provides enough defense against unpredictable events. Mitigation calls for applying sound system engineering and design to create a successful strategy for operating a hardened electric distribution and transmission system.

Ever-present threats, new technologies, evolving economics and increasing demand have amplified the complexity you deal with every day. To navigate this landscape, you need a partner who’s as committed to your vision and values as you are. Your systems are changing. Let’s get your grid ready.

POWER Engineers

Hurricanes. Floods. Fires.


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POWER Engineers

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